GEO CHEM Middle East Consumer Products Services Apparel & Textile Testing

GEO CHEM Middle East Consumer Products Services Apparel & Textile Testing
  • 18.01.2022
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Mr. Manish Kumar /CEO
Geo Chem Middle East CPS

The credibility of any organization is dependent on the performance and the attitude of the management and team, especially the person who leads the team. This is in-fact the story of Geo Chem Middle East CPS, headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Featuring clients ranging from some of the well-known retailers and brands from the worldwide apparel and textile industry, Geo Chem Middle East CPS has stamped their mark on the globe. The fast and not-so-subtle success of Geo Chem CPS is due to the response service levels, latest technologies and the accreditation that the company has acquired in a very short span of time. Leading the success story is Manish Kumar, CEO and his dedicated team that has worked incredibly hard to carve their own position in the testing, inspection and certification (TIC) industry.

The launch of the CPS division of Geo Chem Middle East in July 2016 was considered a risky yet confident step by the industry experts as the company did not have any prior experience in consumer products, however, was still well-known globally for their testing and auditing services. MENA region has a strong presence of many international TIC agencies that have established a strong foothold in the apparel and textile sector over the years. Nonetheless, the courage and certitude that Manish has had with his extensive experience in the apparel and textile sector, ranging from retail to TIC, has played a major role in Geo Chem CPS’s success today. Geo Chem Middle East CPS has not only achieved success but given new benchmarks for others to follow in a short span of time and is now one of the leading agencies for testing, inspection and certification supported by an advanced laboratory in Dubai.

Geo Chem Middle East is a well-known name in the quality assurance and testing in industries, especially the apparel and textile sector. Its laboratories in the MENA region and Asia have proved their competency in providing manufacturers, retailers, and resellers the quality assurance they need. The well-equipped CPS lab, inaugurated in March 2017 was accredited in November 2017 for textiles and January 2018 for Analytical Chemical services. It is striking that within one year of the inauguration, the lab developed all the facilities including textile, leather & footwear, hard goods, furniture, toys, packaging and inspection. The impressive consumer goods laboratory houses complete apparel and textile testing facilities supported by highly qualified technicians and engineers. It offers comprehensive testing for all textile products that includes home furnishing, soft-line, baby products, soft toys, fashion apparel and so on. Besides having testing facilities, Geo Chem CPS offers La-Fit service, which is an exclusive service that offers a tech approach to the art of design and fit. The design studio will not only speed-up the pre-production approval process, but also reduce lead time, investment, and extra consumption of fabric in the sampling process. This also creates more room to store and reuse data for quality production in the future.

Geo Chem CPS offers one of the most sought-after testing services in the industry, DNA and GMO Cotton testing. By helping businesses comply with national and international regulatory requirements, Geo Chem CPS ensures the originality and quality of cotton through DNA and GMO testing facility. In the 21st century, there has been a boom in the sustainability industry, and consumers are now seeking sustainable products, especially sustainable textiles. The demand for products made from organic cotton is growing rapidly, compared to traditionally grown cotton. The cultivation process for organic cotton varies significantly from traditionally grown cotton, the cultivation of organic cotton required the absence of genetically modified seeds, chemical, pesticides and fertilizers. Nevertheless, genetic modifications are repeatedly found in textiles that are falsely labelled as organic. Geo Chem CPS safeguards the quality of these products by testing them for genetic modification as it is one of the few testing laboratories worldwide that is accredited with ISO 17025 and ISO/IWA 32:2019 protocols. This accreditation ensures that Geo Chem CPS can reliably provide business with evidence of genetically unmodified cotton.

Mr. Manish Kumar
CEO- Geo Chem Middle East

Part of the management culture at Geo Chem Middle East is their ability to anticipate, analyse and find solutions for industry needs. “We do not work in isolation, our team is constantly talking to the industry and engaging with the customers in order to better understand the problem areas and effectively address the issues” said Mr. Manish. One such move was to become qualified to handle environmental concerns that are now a priority for the industry on a global scale. The overall focus on responsive service and best technologies has pushed the quick and aggressive growth of the CPS division at Geo Chem Middle East. To its credit, the sincerity has been noticed by industry experts and has attracted many retailers and their approvals from all over the world. Supporting the growth is a global portal with extensive user-friendly approach that gives clients complete access on their samples and services. The comprehensive and extensive software puts the entire TIC industry into the palm of your hands.

With so much having been achieved in the last four years, the goals are set very high for the future. The future plans include a more customer-oriented process, including the real-time access of labs with all regulatory information with just one push of a button. Geo Chem Middle East is determined to continuously improve and meet customer demand by strategically analysing the market and working on customer feedback. “We are very determined to be different from our competitors and that includes us being proactive and trying to find solutions for problems that the customers may not even know exist” concludes Manish, hinting to the plethora of exciting developments to come.


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